Featured Project: JudaicaLink

JudaicaLink is a project of our research group that has been established in 2013. The original goal was the creation of data representation from online encyclopediae.

Since the publication of the first data versions of encyclopediae, the project had been quite dormant. Now, in the context of our FID Judaica project, JudaicaLink got a new mission statement to create a rich knowledge graph for the domain of Jewish studies.

For starters, the whole technical setup has been changed to become more stable and better manageable. Furthermore, the project moved to a new and more powerful server.

Read more about the technical changes on the JudaicaLink website.

For FID Judaica, we intend to make JudaicaLink the main linking source. It will act as a hub to all other sources integrated in JudaicaLink, first and foremost to various sources from the Linked Open Data cloud.

The goal is to provide a single entrypoint for the domain of Jewish studies that is openly available and can be reused by others, so that the tedious work of gathering data from various sources can be avoided and contextualization tasks are simplified drastically.

For further information, please contact Maral Dadvar or Kai Eckert.

Author: Prof. Dr. Kai Eckert
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2017