Paper accepted for the Data Science Journal

Our paper “Persistent Identification for Conferences” just got accepted for the Data Science Journal.

The paper is the result of a collaboration with TIB Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology, Hannover, RWTH Aachen and SpringerNature. It focuses on stake holders and use cases for persistent identifiers of scientific conferences.

Here is the full abstract:

Persistent Identification of entities plays a major role in the progress of digitization of many fields. In the scholarly publishing realm there are already Persistent Identifiers (PID) for papers (DOI), people (ORCID), organizations (GRID, ROR), books (ISBN) but there is no generally accepted PID system for scholarly events such as conferences or workshops yet. This article describes the relevant use cases that motivate the introduction of Persistent Identifiers for Conferences. The use cases were mainly derived from interviews, discussions with experts and their previous work. As primary stakeholders who are involved in the typical conference event life cycle researchers, conference organizers, and data consumers were identified. The resulting list of use cases illustrates how PIDs for conference events will improve the current situation for these stakeholders and help with problems they are facing today.

Author: Prof. Dr. Kai Eckert
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2022